Here, There, and Everywhere in 2018

Where am I going next? Hell in a handbasket, probably.

OK, several of y’all have asked me where I’ll be this year, and when, so I’ve updated the event page accordingly! Keep in mind my schedule is constantly evolving, and I have five more conferences/festivals that I have submitted proposals for but not gotten confirmed – once I do, I’ll add those too. Also, there are a couple of great bookstores I visited in 2017 that I’m hoping to get back to this year for a repeat event. Suffice it to say, if you live within about 250 miles of me, we might bump into each other!

Also, if you are the organizer of a festival or PPD event, or a shop owner, and you’d like to get me in there to present a workshop, holla at me – you can email me at pattiwigington(at)gmail(dot) com.

Bookmark my events page so you can keep track of the nifty cool places I’m gonna be!


  • Rhonda Young

    Patti, will you be repeating the Urban Witch workshop? That’s the one I’d travel for. I didn’t know about it soon enough for this week, but I would gather up my witches for a road trip if you doing it again.

  • pattiwigington.com

    That one is actually in March, on the 8th, so you’ve got time to plan for coming down! If you can’t make it then, I’ll probably be doing it again – I’m hoping to get into the Cleveland PPD in August, once they open up proposal submissions, so I’ll keep everyone posted!

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