Whole30 Week 2: No One Is Dead Yet

So now I’m finished with week two of my #Whole30, and I’m pleased to say I haven’t killed anyone yet. I know this is where I am supposed to start feeling that whole Eat All the Things and Murderous Ragey stuff, but honestly, I’ve never felt better.

No, one does not.
No, one does not.

This week’s meals included curried chicken, portobello mushrooms, chorizo sausage, and tuna salad made with Ahi and homemade mayo. I legitimately think I might be able to not just pull this off, but also continue eating this way on a long term basis.

Things I’ve learned this week:

  • Coconut milk in my coffee is actually really good.
  • Just because I see a candy bar doesn’t mean I’m obligated to eat it.
  • A five-dollar burger press is a worthwhile investment, because I have a dozen perfectly shaped burgers in my freezer right now, waiting for me to eat them.
  • Home-smoked bacon is the best thing ever.

Oh yeah, did I mention I made my own bacon? It’s simply amazing and easy and affordable and I can’t believe I never did it before. More on that over at Gluten Free Redhead, but seriously, guys.




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