Whole30 Starts Tomorrow and I’m So Excited

OMG you guys, my #Whole30 begins in less than 24 hours.

Wait, let me backtrack. Recently – and by that, I mean over the past few weeks – I’ve started researching the concept of clean eating. I eat pretty healthy for the most part… or at least I thought I did. I don’t eat a ton of bread or pasta (hello celiac!) and I try to eat vegetables regularly and all that stuff. Then I started thinking about all the other not-wheat grains I eat. And the candy. And the ice cream. Before I knew it, I realized that while I wasn’t exactly shoveling carbs and sugar into my face 24/7, I could definitely do better.

So after looking at several different types of clean eating plans, I’ve decided I’m going to challenge myself with the Whole30 for the entire month of February. I’ve been working up to it for a week or two now, and I’m starting tomorrow, January 31, which will give me a full 30 days of eliminating all the things that could/maybe are/possibly might be not as good for me.

No grains. No dairy. No added sugars. No legumes (buh-bye, peanut butter). On the other hand, lots of meats, vegetables, fruits, and healthy oils. Oddly enough, I actually think this is doable, and here are the reasons why:

1. I’m ready for it. I spent an hour or two the other day mapping out my first week’s menu. I’m one of those people who tends to make meals on the fly, which means if there’s something within reach, I’ll cook it and eat it. On the other hand, if I know exactly what I’m going to be making in advance, then that’s what I am going to make. Plus, it helps with grocery shopping – which, incidentally, did not cost me any more today, buying Whole30 meal stuff, than it normally does.

2. I like to cook. No, seriously, I love to cook, so a month’s worth of meals is way less of a challenge for me than it would be for someone who eats out five nights a week. Also, I already use a lot of the recommended items in the Whole30 plan, like ghee and coconut oil.

3. The payoff. I’m hoping I’ll feel better physically, sleep easier, and overall be in better condition once I’m done. I don’t care so much about losing weight – although dog knows I could drop some poundage – so the numbers honestly aren’t my end goal. In fact, the founders of Whole30 are big fans of OH NO DO NOT STEP ON THAT SCALE.

Go to hell, iceberg lettuce.
Go to hell, iceberg lettuce.

And guess what else? I’m not going to be living on salads for the next 30 days, either. Salads can get boring eventually, and lettuce is mostly just crunchy water and for Pete’s sake, how many ways can anyone really make vinaigrette interesting (the answer is three)? Nope. I’m planning on eating well. I am a well fed woman who plans to continue being well fed, simply with a shift in the input.

So, what did I do today to get ready? All the same things that I normally do, just not all at once. Bought groceries, using my handy dandy list. Cut up carrots and celery for snacks later in the week, hard boiled some eggs, roasted a pan of garlic, made a batch of mayo and a batch of ketchup, browned some turkey and added a bit of fresh sage to it for tomorrow’s breakfast, and baked two pounds of chicken breasts. This way, on days when I’m busy (in other words, any day that ends in a Y), I’ll have some of the work already done. On Monday, when I work until 430 and then don’t get home from class until 9, I can just pop a chicken boobie in the microwave, warm it back up, top it with some roasted garlic and a bit of avocado, and I’ve got a meal.

I. Can. Do. This.

And in a week, when I’m feeling depressed and angry because I really really REALLY want to eat an entire bag of SweetTart Valentine’s Hearts when they’re 50% off on February 15, I’m gonna need y’all to talk me down, mmkay? Because eventually, it will pass.

Also, a final note: I’m doing Whole30 for ME. I’m doing it so I can feel better. Not to be smug about my food superiority, not because I think I’m fat (I’m chubby, but I’m still pretty damn hot), and not because I’m planning to tell you that you need to do it too. I’m sure as hell not doing it because I think the foods I eat are better than the ones you eat. THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU.

It’s all about me, because this is my Year of Living Awesomely, and if I feel better physically, I’ll sure as hell enjoy my Awesome a lot more.

Did I mention I’m excited? I’ll be posting more as things progress – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Stay tuned, and if I start making candy noises, remind me that I got this.

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