The Silly Sacred School Supply Celebration

This is a ritual that I originally posted on my site, but it has vanished into the aether, after About became ThoughtCo. However, school is starting up again in just a few weeks, so I wanted to share this, because it’s ridiculously fun, and it’s a great way to transition your kids into a new year with a new teacher, and celebrate your spirituality in a goofy and irreverent way.

Image by Latino Life via Canva
The Silly Celebration of the Sacred School Supplies

In many Pagan traditions, it’s customary to consecrate your magical tools before beginning your practice. This creates a magical link between you, the tools, and the divine, and even the universe itself. In some traditions, items which have been consecrated have far more power than those which have not.If you’re getting ready to go back to school, or start new classes, consider consecrating your school supplies.

After all, if a magical tool is powerful when consecrated, then why not consider consecrating the tools of education? Much like the ridiculously goofy Chocolate Rabbit ceremony, this is a simple ritual that is a bit silly, but can be adapted for anyone from kindergartners to middle-school students to college kids.

Have fun with it, and make it a celebration of education and learning. Invite everyone in the family to participate — the more the merrier.

You’ll need:
  • All of your school supplies – pencils, pens, notebooks, calculators, crayons, highlighters, and your backpack
  • An apple
  • A glass of milk
  • Your favorite summer baked goods, such as cookies

Place all the school supplies in a pile in the center of your altar or workspace. If your tradition requires you to cast a circle, do so now.

Raise the apple up to the sky, and say:

O mighty apple! Symbol of the teacher behind the desk,
Symbol of those who would judge me when I show up tardy,
I offer you to the educators who will frown upon me if I forget my homework!
O mighty apple! Bright and red and sweet,
Symbol of my hopes and dreams that the teacher will really really like me,
I offer you to the universe, a grand sacrifice to the gods of education!

Take a bite of the apple, and pass it around to everyone else. After everyone has chomped on the apple, set it aside. You’ll need it later. Hold the milk in one hand, and the plate of cookies in the other. Say:

O mighty milk and cookies! Glorious snack, symbol of education and treats,
I use your power to consecrate these tools of learning and wisdom!

Place the milk and cookies on the altar. Pass each of your school supplies over them, describing the item and what it is for, such as:

I consecrate this pencil, so I can write proper sentences and spell correctly,
In the name of the milk and cookies!

I consecrate this calculator, so I can solve math problems and pass my algebra tests,
In the name of the milk and cookies!

I consecrate this assignment book, so I can get all my work done and avoid detention,
In the name of the milk and cookies!

Continue until all of your school supplies are consecrated by the great power of the milk and cookies. It’s even more fun if everyone participating shouts “In the name of the milk and cookies!” together.

Finally, when all of your school supplies have been consecrated by the power of the milk and cookies, place them all in the backpack. Pass what’s left of the apple, the glass of milk and the plate of cookies over them. Say:

School begins once more this year,
Supplies are packed with lots of cheer!
Pencils and pens are tucked away,
An awesome year will come my way!
Hail mighty apple!
Hail mighty milk!
Hail mighty cookies!

Pass the milk around for everyone to share, and eat all the cookies. Congratulate yourself on being prepared for another year of learning and success.