Saturday Spellwork: Banishing Magic

I don’t care what anyone says, banishing magic sometimes is a necessity. Sure, there are plenty of people who approach it from the mindset of “Well if someone is that terrible, why don’t you do a spell to help them be kinder and more understanding?” Well, frankly, hell naw. Some people are just awful, and the onus of responsibility to make them less awful doesn’t have to fall upon the rest of us.

Some people just need to get gone.

And THAT is where a good banishing spell comes in super handy. I’m going to share four of my favorite types of banishing workings, with the caveat (as always) that if you don’t approve of banishing, or your tradition has some sort of injunction against it, THEN JUST DON’T DO IT. No need to email me to tell me about it, k?


Banishing Powder

This is something I’ve used with a goodly amount of success – it’s based on the same concept as Hot Foot Powder, which you see in a lot of conjure and Hoodoo traditions. Blend equal parts of cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt, and sulfur powder together. If you want to get really creative, you can also add saltpeter or black powder (got a friend who shoots a muzzle loader? there’s your black powder!).

Sprinkle this mixture in the footprints of someone that you want to get rid of, and they’ll walk themselves right out of your life. An even more effective method is to add some of it directly into the individual’s shoes or socks, but this can be a bit of a challenge if they don’t live in your home.

Rotten Apple Banishing Spell

Cut an apple in half horizontally, so you can see the seeds forming a star in the center. Carve the name of the person you want to get rid of on the raw inside of the bottom half of the apple. Place the two halves together again, wrap them tightly with black cord or cloth, and then bury the apple in the ground. As the apple rots, the person will move out of your life.

Four Thieves Banishing

If you don’t have any Four Thieves Vinegar on hand, you should make some. It’s one of my favorite magical ingredients in the history of ever, and it’s got a pretty cool backstory too. Write your target’s name on a piece of brown paper or parchment. Soak the paper in Four Thieves Vinegar until it’s good and soggy. Smush the piece of paper up as small as you can, and bury in the dirt somewhere – the person won’t bother you much longer.

Road Flare Banishing

I like fire, so this is a spell I enjoy a lot – I’m sort of sad I don’t have much call for banishing in my life these days, because this one is fun. You should probably do it outside. Specifically, on a non-flammable surface, like your driveway or a concrete pad.

First, make a poppet or doll to represent your target. Tie the poppet to a road flare – these burn bright red! Light the flare on fire, telling the person to keep out of your space. Let it burn until it’s completely gone, and the individual will leave you alone soon.

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