About Me

cropped-Selfie121115.jpgI began writing when I was seven. Since then, I’ve grown up (a little) and published a couple of books, a whole bunch of columns, and a few short stories. I can’t imagine Not Writing, and even when I’m bogged down with work and school, I still need to spew words out onto the screen. I have to – if I don’t, I get cranky, and the voices in my head get louder.

In addition to having a Real Grownup Job (with the most patient boss in the world), I also write for About.com, and I’ve been their Paganism Expert since 2007: About Paganism/Wicca

In addition to writing, I like to spend my little bits of free time putzing around in my garden, hiking the local trails, coming up with new and exciting ways to re-use stuff I didn’t think I (or anyone else) wanted anymore, dying my hair odd colors, and performing random acts of full-contact recipe experimentation.

I’m raising three children who are remarkably well-adjusted, despite their mother’s best efforts to turn them into very strange people.

I live in central Ohio, and sometimes Tweet random things on Twitter. Come along and Stalk Me on Facebook, too!