By Sorcery, Charm, or Enchantment

As many of you know, I recently graduated from Ohio University with my B.A. in History. One of my required courses was a Historical Research and Writing class, and it was awesome. After all, it combined three of my favorite things: history, research, and makin’ words! My professor, Dr. Mark Nevin, was fantastic, and over the course of 14 weeks, we each developed a thesis, pored over acres and acres of primary and secondary sources, and finally presented an academic research paper in which we supported our thesis argument with all of the evidence we could find. Continue reading By Sorcery, Charm, or Enchantment

Good Witch Update!

So, Good Witch’s Daily Spell Book was supposed to be released on December 30, just in time for everyone’s annual I Ate Too Much Over the Holidays And Seriously Need a New Me phase. Unfortunately, there’s been a delay in the publication schedule, so if you haven’t spotted GWBSD in your local B&N, that’s why – because it ain’t there yet.

However, the good news is that my awesome editor assures me it will be released in February, which is very exciting – it means you can get it in your hot little hands by spring, which will come in handy since many of the spells in it suggest you get outside! Also – Mother’s Day gifts in May. Your mom wants a copy, trust me on this.

So, in addition to that update: there’s something else really cool going on, but it’s still kind of a Secret Project! As soon as I can announce it officially, I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops!

In the meantime, I’m going to post something really neat that I think you’ll all enjoy, just to tide you over… stay tuned!