Holy Cow, It’s a Book Cover and It’s Awesome

Exciting stuff, you guys! Lookie here! It’s the cover artwork for The Good Witch’s Daily Spell Book, which will be out in December, and available in Barnes & Noble stores and at BN.com…

And it’s GLORIOUS.


Join Me at Dayton Pagan Pride!


You guys, I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be presenting at Dayton’s Pagan Pride celebration on Saturday, October 1st! If you’ve been wondering about the magic of household witchcraft, you’re not going to want to miss my workshop – we’ll talk about household altars, kitchen magic, and (totally my favorite part) using mundane items in magical workings. Yes, if you’ve ever pondered how to use things like dog biscuits, a pair of socks, or an adult toy in a magical working, you totally need to stop by for this one.

I’m pleased to say I’m in really good company for this event – author Tish Owen, singer Kellianna, and rootworker Elizabeth Ruth will be there, along with Michael Dangler and Seamus Dillard of The Magical Druid. Join us for a magical day of ritual, workshops, vendors, and more!