Review: The Witches’ Almanac Coloring Book

Color All the Things!
Color All the Things!

I love to color, and as much as I hate to sound like that annoying hipster barista at your favorite coffee shop, I was actually coloring a lot before it became a trend. It’s therapeutic and keeps me from throwing rocks at people or eating my feelings.

One of the best things about coloring becoming popular, though, is that now, instead of being stuck with Dora the Explorer and Ninja Turtles, there are a floppity-million coloring books out there for grownups. No matter what your interest – I have Outlander and Game of Thrones – there’s something for you to color in.

Which is why, gentle reader, when the nice folks at Red Wheel Weiser sent me their newest foray into the world of coloring, I may have squee’d just a little bit. The Witches Almanac Coloring Book is FUN, y’all!

It’s divided into seven sections – Woodcuts, Constellations,

So Pretty!
So Pretty!

the Planets, Creatures, Egyptian, Americas (unfortunately short), and Tarot. It’s a neat collection of artwork to color in, and I’m seriously enjoying it.

The best part: I really love the Tarot section. The images are from the Rider Waite Smith deck that we’re all so familiar with, and includes all of the Major Arcana. If you’ve ever felt like the traditional RWS colors didn’t resonate with you, now’s your chance to change that. Make the sky purple any time you like.

These pages WANT you to color them!
These pages WANT you to color them!

Also, I loved seeing the woodcut artwork, many of which were featured in days gone by as illustrations for anti-witch treatises – you know, the ones where we’re all Satan’s whores? A lot of the woodcuts will look familiar to regular readers of the Witches Almanac publications; they’ve been used by Weiser regularly, and for the most part, these are fantastic.

Just Hangin' Around Coloring
Just Hangin’ Around Coloring

My one complaint? A few of the images – not many, but a few – appear so stretched that they appear pixelated and blurred, which makes them less than appealing to color. For the most part, though, the lines are nice and crisp. The book is a good quality – especially for the $12.00 price tag – and there’s a nice mix of different styles in there. In all, the good definitely outweighs the not-as-good. I’d give it eight broomsticks out of ten!


Disclaimer: A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


In Which I Hang Out At Media Medusa

I don’t know if you guys are familiar with Media Medusa, and specifically, Nancy Basile, but if you’re not following the site, you should be. All kinds of cool pop culture things lurk over at MM, from TV to movies to books, so go check it out!

Nancy Basile at Media Medusa is awesome and you should read her stuff.
Nancy Basile at Media Medusa is awesome and you should read her stuff.

I first met Nancy when we were co-conspirators at, and we discovered pretty quickly that we had a lot in common – the same weird sense of humor, an unabashed love for Outlander‘s Jamie Fraser, and no lie, we both have the Imperial March from Star Wars as our ringtones. It’s like we’re Geek Twinsies.

Anyway, I got to do a little virtual hangout with Nancy for an interview over at MM, and you should really go read it, because she asked some great questions about the creative process (spoiler: my process is possibly non-existent), inspiration, and why I even write in the first place. Go read it now! Author Patti Wigington Casts a Spell

The Good Witch’s Daily Spellbook


I have some super exciting news! I’ve partnered with Sterling Publishing to create The Good Witch’s Daily Spellbook! This collection of 366 spells – one for each day of the year – is designed in a way that’s useful for both beginners and advanced practitioners. No fancy hard-to-find tools, no hours-long rituals, just magic on the fly when you need it – as it should be!

Like a boss!

I’m super excited about this project, and my editor, Chris Barsanti, is going to be an absolute dream to work with. TGWDSB will be out in December 2016, marketed in Barnes & Noble stores (Sterling is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BN), and available in a snazzy gift-sized hardcover for just $7.98. I’ll let everyone know as things progress, like cover artwork and pre-order options, but I’m so jazzed about this that I can barely type coherent sentences right now. Stay tuned for more, and join me for one heck of a magical ride!

The Intro to Tarot Study Guide is Here!

A few weeks ago I announced that had advised us that they would shortly be doing away with the e-courses. While it was disappointing to hear, there are certainly solid reasons for the decision on their part – however, a LOT of readers have given me feedback in the past about how much they loved the e-courses. Two in particular, the Intro to Paganism & Wicca and Intro to Tarot courses, were extremely popular. When I posted this initially, I was able to announce that I’d revamped the Intro to Paganism & Wicca e-class into a 13-step self study guide, which is getting really great responses.

StopBuying2Today, I’m pleased to say that the Intro to Tarot Study Guide is now available! It’s a six-step self-study program that you can use at your own pace – all of the content of the original e-course is included, as well as new and updated information. Don’t worry, there are no pop quizzes, grades, or weird bell curves involved – work through it at your own pace, whether it takes you six days or six weeks or even six months!

It’s a chance for you to follow one of my favorite suggestions: read, study, learn, and grow – and I hope you find it as beneficial as other readers found the older-style e-classes!