Whole30 Week 2: No One Is Dead Yet

So now I’m finished with week two of my #Whole30, and I’m pleased to say I haven’t killed anyone yet. I know this is where I am supposed to start feeling that whole Eat All the Things and Murderous Ragey stuff, but honestly, I’ve never felt better.

No, one does not.
No, one does not.

This week’s meals included curried chicken, portobello mushrooms, chorizo sausage, and tuna salad made with Ahi and homemade mayo. I legitimately think I might be able to not just pull this off, but also continue eating this way on a long term basis.

Things I’ve learned this week:

  • Coconut milk in my coffee is actually really good.
  • Just because I see a candy bar doesn’t mean I’m obligated to eat it.
  • A five-dollar burger press is a worthwhile investment, because I have a dozen perfectly shaped burgers in my freezer right now, waiting for me to eat them.
  • Home-smoked bacon is the best thing ever.

Oh yeah, did I mention I made my own bacon? It’s simply amazing and easy and affordable and I can’t believe I never did it before. More on that over at Gluten Free Redhead, but seriously, guys.




Whole30 Week 1: I Survived

Lack of food makes me a mean girl.
Lack of food makes me a mean girl.

So I’ve just completed my first week of my #Whole30 challenge, and I’m not gonna lie, it was a hell of a lot easier than I expected. I truly believe that the advance prep work helped me through it.

A few observations:

1. I was worried I’d be hungry all the time, but I’m not. I’m sort of re-learning how my body does respond to its own signals, and now I’m eating when I start to feel growly, instead of when I’m bored.

2. I’m eating good stuff. Lots of chicken and fish, a ton of fruits and veggies, and of course, eggs. It’s never boring, because I have a metric fuckton of herbs and spices in my pantry – last night I made Indian curried chicken, sauteed in ghee and dumped over a plate of garlic roasted cauliflower. The other day, for breakfast, I had a spinach and turkey fritatta. I am eating well.

3. I miss bacon – believe it or not, nearly all commercial brands of bacon include some sort of sugar or sugar byproduct. There is a Whole30-approved bacon, but it’s incredibly expensive and I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay out the wazoo for a pound of bacon. That said, I’ve asked the nice lady at the Meijer butcher counter to order me a few pounds of pork belly, and I’m going to drag out the smoker and try making my own bacon. More on this later.

4. I’m seeing non-scale victories already. One of the things that Whole30 emphasizes is that you DO NOT step on the scale while you’re doing it. So I haven’t. And yet, I’m noticing a couple of things just one week in. My jeans are fitting better. And today, for the first time in I don’t know how many years, I needed to use the second row of hooks on my bra strap rather than the first one. Also, I’m sleeping better – that change happened within the first two days.

5. I have more willpower than I thought I would. My kid had a bag of candy hearts on the table the other day. It would have been SO easy to cheat, and just take one or two. But I didn’t. And once I didn’t, I felt really fucking GOOD about the fact that I didn’t, which made it even easier to pass them by the next time.

Week 2 looms on the horizon, and I’m already planning and prepping. This coming week is a bit crazy, so it’s probably going to be crockpot meals, but I’m okay with that. After just seven days, I’m feeling a lot better than I was in January, and it’s entirely possible I might be able to do this all the way to the end.